Get the Most Out of Your Wedding and Event Flowers.

This guide will give you small tips to make your flowers have the biggest impact on your wedding.


Wedding Photos and Guest experience

Your wedding photos are going to be admired for years to come.  A good floral plan includes consideration about the shots that are most important on your big day.

A good strategy is to have a few “WOW” moments rather than a blanket scheme to make look everything nice.

The three main areas that weddings flowers are made for are:

  • Bridal party
  • Ceremony background
  • Reception venue

The obvious start point with flowers is the bridal party.  The bride’s bouquet is the “Star of the show” and sets the tone for the other event florals.  Once your bridal party is dressed to impress then its time to consider the places that flowers can be admired during your event.

Set a Scene for magic.  Ask the question “Where are you and your guests spending the most time?” this will inform where you might put more focus into the design.   If you are having a sit-down dinner, then table arrangements might be key to the guest experience.  If you are having a cocktail hour and canapes then dressing the bar or creating a central focal point to mingle around might be a better strategy.

Once you have taken care of the main areas the little touches can make an event seem personal. By walking through every experience and considering entrance ways, seating plans and even powder rooms you can make the whole experience memorable.

Work with what you have.

Venues often have landmarks or features that you love, that is why you choose them!  Rather than bringing in large-scale props, clever floral design will draw the eye to and engage with these elements that are unique to each space.  e.g. Beautiful window, a tree as a natural arbor.

Think about the natural environment and its flora.

What makes your wedding venue unique.  If it’s a vineyard venue, then you might want a feasting table effect with grapes.  Is your setting a rainforest of emerald greens or the silver grey of the Australian eucalyptus trees? Including environmental tones in your floral work will create unity.

Relocate your ceremony flowers to the next venue.

If you are using multiple spaces and your flowers are easy to transport this could be a great way to reuse your floral elements.  This sometimes requires more labor and it can also change the mechanics (how your flowers go together) to allow for this.

Tell your story

Flowers are evocative, they tell a story about you, your style and what you value most. This is why descriptive words are an important part of the design process.  A recent bride included a sprig of rosemary for remembrance in the back of her bouquet for a loved one’s past.

Make it yours.

The best Pinterest board for your wedding is going to be your unique day.  There are some great visual aids for sharing a visual language, but the best result is to curate a personal wedding plan for you.  We use Pinterest to share ideas with other floral designers and be inspired by design ideas, but no two designs are ever perfectly the same.

Seasonal Products

Using seasonal products allows you to have the freshest flowers but also provides the best value for your money.  Luxurious event work is all about scale and volume so rely on the advice of your designer to deliver a concept from flowers available to your event.  We have included lists of seasonal flowers available on our website to show what is typically in season.


We hope that you have found some ideas to inspire your event florals and ensure every bloom is admired for your occasion.

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Your Guide to Costing and Budgets for Wedding Florals

When planning a wedding it can be difficult to know where to start.  Below you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the cost of event and wedding flowers, and some ways to set a budget for your this aspect of your big day.

One way to determine the amount for floral work is to allocate a percentage of the total wedding cost.  To do this we must first ask the question…

What does the average wedding cost?

The truth is the answer changes depending on who you ask.  According to a survey run by Bride to Be magazine, the average cost of a wedding in Australia is now $65,482. This figure is significantly higher than the Australian government’s MoneySmart website which reports the average at $36,200.

How much of my wedding budget should I spend on flowers?

Whatever your wedding budget you can always make a stunning impact with flowers.  The average amount spent on flowers is around 10-20% of the total wedding budget.  This can change depending on what your needs are and how important flowers are to your celebration.

We like to set a budget in one of two ways:

Method 1

Start with a figure set by our client and work out the best way to obtain maximum impact with this amount.


Method 2

Talk about your vision, get creative with ideas for your flower dreams and then determine what this will cost.

We offer wedding flower packages ranging from $500 -$12,000. Take a look at our menu to see what type of floral designs are important to be included on your big day.

I can see you have a menu of costs. Do I really need to get a quotation?

Yes!  There are a couple of reasons why.  Our menu is a guide to help with planning and preliminary budgets.  However, when putting together a proposal there are several factors that may affect the price.

  • Each flower type has a different price, ranging from $1 – $60 per stem;
  • The scale of the design can make a big difference – for example, some bouquets are twice the size of others or an aisle design with scattered rose petals can be a thick carpet or a light scattering.
  • The delivery of the design makes a difference – we are quoting on labor, delivery, installation, container rent/purchase and post-event clean up.

A floral designer provides a valuable service by ensuring the flowers, scale, and delivery that are being quoted are indeed what you want for your day.  We want to ensure that your quotation matches your ideas for your special day and we are happy to plan with you in consultation to make this happen.

We hope that this gives you the confidence to chat with us about different ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding.